Find Your Perfect Volunteer Opportunity

Redwood Coast Village is a non-profit community-based organization in northern Humboldt County, California.  RCV works to help elders stay in their homes through volunteer and member-to-member assistance.  

This Public Service Announcement was produced to raise awareness and recruit volunteers. Catch a glimpse of volunteers in action as they reminisce about their experiences helping others.  

Action Today for a Better Tomorrow

Action Today for a Better Tomorrow

The purpose of the National Adaptation Forum is to convene the practitioners and innovators of climate change adaptation (managers, policymakers, researchers) who are actively engaged or interested in climate change adaptation activities as part of their work.

Produced for Ecoadapt, this short video highlights some of the dynamic moments of the Inaugural National Adaptation Forum which was held in Denver, Colorado in 2013.

Using footage and photographs provided by the client, this upbeat teaser entices the climate change adaptation audience to attend the next forum in 2015.

Tamamta Katurlluta

Tamamta Katurlluta: The Gathering

The Gathering is a biennial event held in Homer, Alaska which brings communities together to celebrate Native Alaskan culture.  In 2006, the villages of Port Graham, Nanwalek, Seldovia, Kenai and Savoonga gathered to share their traditions.   

This film was made possible by a generous grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.  It is archived in the permanent collection of the award-winning Pratt Museum in Homer, AK.

Bristol Bay: Sustainable Fisheries, Sustainable Future

Bristol Bay: Sustainable Fisheries, Sustainable Future

The future of Bristol Bay fisheries is at stake with the impending sale of oil and gas leases.

In this short documentary, the rich history of fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska is revealed through the lives of fishermen/women and Native Alaskans who depend on its sustainable resources.

The value of safeguarding the Bering Sea’s renewable fish and wildlife resources far outweighs the low potential of oil and gas revenues and the associated risks of offshore activities. 

Produced for World Wildlife Fund, this film was presented to lawmakers in Congress to inform them about the Bristol Bay Protection Act, which would prohibit offshore oil and gas development in Bristol Bay permanently.  

Update: In March 2010 President Obama recognized the value of Bristol Bay by prohibiting offshore development until 2017.

Outreach That Works

OUTREACH THAT WORKS: Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic

Ride along with Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic's outreach advocates and find out why their outreach program is so successful.

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic in Homer, Alaska is unique in its one-on-one approach to outreach, engaging women in the community and linking them with women's health care screenings and services.

Coming Home

Coming Home 2007 - A Reunion Gathering, Seldovia, Alaska

In July 2007, the Seldovia Village Tribe and the community of Seldovia hosted a Coming Home event.

They brought together current and past residents to tell stories and celebrate their common history.

This film was edited using footage and photographs taken during the event by community members and interviews and B-roll shot by the filmmaker in 2011.

Created for the Seldovia Village Tribe Museum, this film was made possible by a generous grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Sciences.

Homer Council on the Arts

Homer Council on the Arts

The arts are an important part of the culture and community of Homer, Alaska.  This trailer highlights Homer Council on the Arts and its role in bringing arts to the "cosmic hamlet by the sea".   Local artists display their expertise in performance, dance, music and fine arts as scenic timelapse shots of Homer converge to paint a compelling view of HCOA and Homer's various offerings. 

Original music by Marc Coen House of Love, and Tamba Hadzi Isu Tauya Pano.